Food Bank

Monthly Hampers: any Cherryville resident is eligible to receive a monthly food hamper. There is also a weekly drop in service where anyone can access food we have in excess. We work hard to create a safe and open atmosphere free of discrimination and prejudice and welcome anyone, regardless of need or circumstance, to access our food security services. If you are not comfortable reaching out or receiving our services, there is an unmonitored fridge outside the food bank building stocked with basic food items that can be accessed privately.

If you require a hamper or have questions regarding food bank services, please contact either Darren at 778-212-8900 or Sharon Harvey at 250-547-6646.

Christmas Hampers and Gifts Event: Cherryville residents requiring extra support at Christmas time can access this event. Children are “adopted angels” under this program by various donors who purchase Christmas gifts to be added to large Christmas hampers. We welcome any volunteers interested in supporting this annual event, if you are thinking about volunteering and would like more information, please contact Sharon Harvey at 250-547-6646.

Weekly Extra’s & Unmonitored Fridge: Anyone is welcome to drop in on Thursdays at the Food Bank to access food we have in excess. Typically this includes bread, dairy products, and large quantities of seasonal vegetables/fruits. If you require food but feel uncomfortable reaching out or asking for help, we have an unmonitored fridge stocked with basic items. We understand there is stigma around using food bank services however everyone deserves access to nutritional foods and CCFRS welcomes all people without judgement. Please, if you are having a tough time and could use a hamper, do not hesitate to reach out to Darren at 778-212-8900. Your call is completely confidential.

*All of our core food support services (monthly hampers, weekly extras, unmonitored fridge, Christmas Hamper event) are free to those who need it without conditions.

Organic Community Garden: in operation since 2017, our community garden provides on average 2,000lbs of fresh, organic produce each summer which goes directly to supplement our food security programs. 

Education Series: CCFRS worked with local members of the community to organize a multipart knowledge sharing series around food, homesteading, and building Cherryville resilience. Back to Basics is the series focus for 2023 and included workshops on Rabbit Husbandry; Dairy Goats 101; Weedless, No Till, Permaculture Farming; Productive Small Space Gardening; Hand Processing Alpaca Fleece; Canning and Dehydrating; Sourdough Break Making. For more information, contact Darren at 778-212-8900.  

Accessibility and Equality Policy Statement

CCFRS is committed to removing any barriers within reason preventing an employee, volunteer, customer, and/or member from using and/or accessing any services or resources offered by the organization. This includes increasing organizational accessibility as specified within BC’s Accessibility Act through the prevention and removal of various barriers that are physical, cultural, and procedural.

To review CCFRS’ full policy and procedures regarding accessibility, please ask our staff for our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedures. We are always looking at ways to make our services more accessible and invite your feedback on how we can improve service delivery to best meet your needs, call 250-547-0089 to discuss further.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Cherryville Community Food Bank, please know you are welcome to contact the Executive Director, Meghan Derkach at and all complaints will be treated anonymously. If you do not feel comfortable discussing your complaint directly with Cherryville Community Food and Resource Society, you are welcome to file an anonymous complaint through Food Banks Canada. Please see below for details:

To share a concern or complaint please contact the Food Banks Canada’s Customer Experience Hotline at 1.877.280.0329 or