Cherryville Food & Resources Foodbank News NEW: COMPASSIONATE COMMUNITY PROGRAM!


For more information, please contact our office to speak with either Amanda or Meghan. You are also more than welcome to email the program lead, Meghan Derkach at All inquiries are welcomed 🙂

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Recycled City a Hit!Recycled City a Hit!

Recycled City was a major success among our 8-12 year old kiddos!

It was a super fun 6 weeks watching the kiddos go through the process of designing, planning and creating their cities.

Everyone was so focused and determined to bring their creations to life. There was lots of problem solving, discussion, creative thinking and learning mixed in. It was a joy to see how the recycled materials were turned into buildings, houses and community structures; real and imaginative. The end result was a very diverse collection of “cities” and some super proud creators.